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Sad Bear

Director: Various ·

Sad Bear travels the world to collect people’s saddest objects to help them process past regrets.

NSI grads at 2013 South African Horrorfest


The festival takes place in South Africa today through November 8.

Good Expectations

Director: Daniel D'Alimonte ·

A teenage couple struggles to lose their virginity.


Director: Carole Ducharme ·

We are all only a few decisions away from ending up on the street.

The Swimming Lesson

Director: Ti Hallas ·

A swimming coach teaches her pupil tips to help make it to the Olympics.

The Drive Home

Director: Kevin P. Gabel ·

A confrontation on the way home from a party forces a young couple to examine their relationship.

Better People

Director: Mark O'Brien ·

For John and Natalie love at first sight is complicated.


Director: Jeremy Webb ·

A man travels home to attend the wake of his uncle.

What Happens Next

Director: Jenna Elzein ·

When a group of neighbourhood guys offers to make Jad one of them, how can he say no?

Rise of the eSports Hero premieres on Global this Saturday


This hour-long doc shines a light on the fast-growing sub-culture of eSports.

The Haymaker

Director: Daniel D'Alimonte ·

A misguided boxer learns how to truly empower himself when he meets an optimistic trainer.

Lost for Words

Director: Sean Wainsteim ·

An odd boy and a mysterious girl encounter creatures and puzzles as they negotiate their way out of a magical forest.