Please read this whole page because it includes important information to help you understand how your film may qualify to be nominated

The National Screen Institute and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (Academy) have a partnership for our NSI Online Short Film Festival winners.

For a film to be eligible to qualify for nomination** at the Canadian Screen Awards (CSA) the film must be produced in 2019, and have won an award – A&E Best Short Film and/or Blue Ant Media Documentary Award (and any other added awards outside of acting) by August 31, 2019, to make the nomination application deadline for the Academy.

For more information please visit the CSA website rules and regulations.

All NSI Online Short Film Festival winners throughout the year will receive a complimentary Friend membership for the Academy – this membership can be upgraded to voting for $50 (if eligible).

Winning any non-acting awards does not guarantee a nomination for the Canadian Screen Awards. It is a qualifier only.

Submitting a Canadian Screen Award nomination is the sole responsibility of the winning filmmaker and/or their supporters. NSI is not responsible for making the nomination. Please check the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television website for official nomination info and deadline dates.

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*Films from Quebec are not eligible for these awards.

**If your film is programmed in the NSI Online Short Film Festival and (1) wins any non-acting award and (2) was produced between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019, then it will be eligible to be nominated for a 2020 Canadian Screen Award in the live action short drama, short documentary or animated shorts categories.