CBC New Indigenous Voices Podcasts

Presented by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI)


Desiree Brightnose – Generation After Genocide

First and second generational residential school survivors – mother and daughter – sit down and discuss overcoming the cycle of being a daughter of a residential school survivor.

Anonda Canadien – Dylan Hope – songwriter, producer, recording artist, rapper

Anonda interviews her high school friend about how he speaks his own truth in his music and how he hopes it can help people.

Aiyana Hart – COVID-19 X Powwow Trail

From an Indigenous lens, how did COVID-19 affect the powwow trail?

Jordan Kelly – Sound Scape

Soundscapes of a forest being clearcut (before and after).

Brittany Monkman – Evolution of Hairstyling

Hair do, or hair don’t?  Fun facts about the industry and evolution of hairstyling.

Logan Nadeau – Never Go Back

A woman coming to grips with the end of the world, just as she found someone with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Ariyah Pierre – Island in the Water

The story of the creation of North America, with Nanabozho, the muskrat and the turtle.

Holly Smith – 2 Gays from Six Nay 

A podcast episode featuring Holly Smith and Kensi McNaughton sharing their experiences on being Queer and Trans on reserve.

John Wapioke – Creepy Rez Stories

Creepy rez stories shared by siblings of their encounters with something that goes splash.


Seth Arcand – Never in My Dreams

The story of April Dustyhorn, a Cree woman from Edmonton Alberta, who has overcome incredibly difficult circumstances to pursue her dream of helping other survivors of abuse and drug addiction. The goal of the podcast is tell stories of people who overcame adversity to create a beautiful life for themselves. We were blessed to have April share her story for the first episode of the show.

Sarah Carrier – Exploring the genre of Indigenous science fiction

Host Sarah chats with Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber, a professor at the University of Regina and contributor to the anthology Mitewacimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling. They discuss how traditional Indigenous teachings and culture fit into a genre that is often perceived as the exact opposite.

Faith Gore

Fern Henderson and her dreams that change from childhood, into adulthood and then into motherhood.

Janell Henry – Horses & Crop Circles

Within the borders of Canada, a fight ensues on the Indigenous Reservation of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation. A thunderbird crop circle watches over the land to which the Oyate Techa Horse Riders come to offer their strength and support for land defender Jo Seenie and her family.

Nathaniel Magbanua – Paranormal Investigation

A podcast about people in Winnipeg who have had a paranormal experience in their home. This episode explores ghosts and our connection with the spirit world, particularly from an Indigenous perspective. Host Nathaniel sits down with a long-time friend to discuss the strange experiences she’s been having in her home.

Matthew Tenute – Wide-A-Wake Nightmare

Dream-talking with a childhood friend. Two old-time buddies bantering about why we think we dream.

AJ Wastasecoot

Becoming closer with your sibling over questions, sparking shared memories and learning new things about each other.

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