Digital Marketing for Media Register

Presented in partnership with Storypreneurs Unite


Registration is open. Participants can sign up for the course at any time of the year.

The sessions are pre-recorded and include homework exercises. Each individual session is $25 or you can purchase the first four as part of a discount bundle for $85 (prices are in US dollars and include GST.) Use the links below to register for individual sessions.

Webinar 1 – Starting with WHY & WHO

Learn how to set goals for yourself, your brand/company and your project, and gain insight into the digital audience and how to research and define your specific target markets.

Webinar 2 – Understanding the Bigger Picture

Learn tools like P.E.S.T., S.W.O.T. and analysis and competitive research to help understand the bigger landscape for your media property and to communicate what makes it unique in language that better attracts investment, talent, partners and other opportunities.

Webinar 3 – Search & Discoverability

Learn about search engines and what discoverability means in this context. Learn how to dramatically increase the chances of your project getting found online through semantic search engine optimization (SSEO) and other tactics, and how to tap into the power of language and data provided by online search tools.

Webinar 4 – Social Media, Engagement & Story

Learn how to be more strategic about your project’s social media presence and how to use your social storytelling skills to grow and engage your audience.

Coming December 2020

  • Webinar 5 – Other Ways to Promote & Engage
  • Webinar 6 – The Digital Economy & Your Story
  • Webinar 7 – Understanding the Story in the Data
  • Webinar 8 – Putting It All Together


For questions about the Digital Marketing for Media webinar series, please email Annelise Larson.