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NSI Features First program update

The course is taking a short hiatus while we retool the curriculum, explore our funding model and new partnerships, and make important upgrades.

NSI Features First-developed Level 16 arrives on CBC Gem next month

Level 16 is a dystopian science-fiction thriller written and directed by Danishka Esterhazy.

NSI grads head to Frontières co-production market in Montreal

Selections include The Retreat from Alyson Richards and Pat Mills and We Came From the Sea from Jeremy Lutter and Ryan Bright.

NSI Features First writers attend Toronto Screenwriting Conference and two-day intensive with story editor Corey Mandell

Hear what Karen Moore, Matt Sadowski, Sandi Somers and Jared Young thought about their recent NSI training experiences.

NSI Features First producers talk about their second training boot camp

Hear from Amelia Wasserman, Ryan West, Scott Lepp and Christopher Redmond.

NSI Features First students tell us about recent boot camp training

Gemma Holdway, Nick Schelle, James Fanizza, Lauren MacKinlay, Muna Deria, Kulbinder Saran Caldwell, Andrew Dryden Mortimer and Gharrett Paon recover from last week's training.

NSI Features First 2019 writers reflect on the Toronto Screenwriting Conference

James Fanizza, Andrew Dryden Mortimer, Gemma Holdway and Muna Deria tell us what they learned during the two-day conference.

Meet the 2019 NSI Features First students

NSI welcomes Lauren MacKinlay, James Fanizza, Kulbinder Saran Caldwell, Muna Deria, Nick Schelle, Gemma Holdway, Gharrett Paon and Andrew Dryden Mortimer.

Gharrett Patrick Paon on his journey to NSI Features First

Gharrett took to Facebook to share his thoughts on his journey to the program and kindly agreed to let us re-publish his post here.

NSI Features First 2019 shortlist revealed

Ten teams have been shortlisted and up to four will make the cut next month.