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Call Ursula Lawson on (204) 956-7800 or (800) 952-9307 or email ursula.lawson@nsi-canada.ca.


What does NSI Global Marketing offer?

NSI Global Marketing aims to help mid-level Canadian television producers mold their projects into marketable products and connect them with partners at international marketplaces. A range of advanced professional and project development opportunities are provided as components of the program.

What is the format of the program?

NSI Global Marketing is comprised of three distinct phases.

Phase one

In order to adequately prepare for the training sessions and attendance at market, each participant meets individually with the program manager to focus their projects and materials.

Specifically, each participant works with the NSI Global Marketing program manager to:

  • Shape their projects for the international marketplace
  • Target specific international broadcasters, distributors and/or partners for projects
  • Research broadcasters and appropriate buyers
  • Research and apply international financing possibilities
  • Understand the elements of marketing their projects at an international market
  • Establish goals for the international market

Please note that participation in phase two is not automatic upon completion of phase one; advancement to phase two shall be at the program manager’s sole discretion.

Phase two

Phase two is a four-day training session.

Participants will:

  • Network with other participants
  • Participate in practice pitch sessions
  • Participate in simulated co-production case studies
  • Discuss international distribution
  • Receive additional one-on-one coaching from the program manager for market preparation, meetings and last minute materials

Please note that participation in phase three is not automatic upon completion of phase two; advancement to phase three shall be at the program manager’s sole discretion.

Phase three

Phase three is attendance at the selected international market.

Participants will receive one-on-one coaching daily at the market and follow-up after the market.

What do I have to commit to the program?

You must make considerable time available for the program as many of the professional development opportunities take place during the day. Attendance at the individual consultation and the training session are mandatory as is attendance at marketplace. You will be busy. If you don’t think you can commit the time, please apply when you know you can.

Who can apply?

The program is aimed at mid-level Canadian television producers wishing to enter the international marketplace.

To be eligible, you must have:

  • A minimum of one, 30-minute project televised nationally, as evidenced by a letter from the broadcaster indicating the date(s) of national broadcast
  • A minimum of three-years experience in the film and television industry, preferably as a producer
  • Attended a minimum of one national market
  • Have not attended more than one international market
  • A minimum of three suitable projects in development with a broadcaster attached to at least one of those projects
  • Projects that have international viability or co-production opportunities
  • Three references from recognized industry representatives
  • Necessary rights in and to the development projects you are applying with. NSI reserves the sole right to disqualify any participant who does not retain the necessary rights in and to their projects
  • Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, reside in Canada and be aged 18 or over
  • Must not be a participant in any other training program that would conflict with their ability to commit to the NSI Global Marketing program

How do I apply?

Only complete applications will be considered. This means you must fill out all required sections of the application form and must include all the documents listed below as one file (PDF, zip or Word doc).

Your application will be disqualified if any of the sections are incomplete or missing. A checklist has been provided for your use on the application form.

  • Description of a minimum of three projects in development and status of each project including proof of broadcaster commitment on at least one of the projects
  • One-sheets or available marketing materials for the projects in development
  • Complete chain of title documentation for all projects you are applying with
  • Brief description of your goals for the next two years. Please include a company business plan if available
  • Short paragraph describing what you are hoping to gain by participating in the NSI Global Marketing program
  • List of specific information you are seeking i.e. national/international partners, financing, distribution etc.
  • Letter from Canadian broadcaster evidencing the national broadcast of one of your projects. Such project to have a minimum running time of 30 minutes; letter must include date(s) of national broadcast
  • Resume clearly stating your production experience
  • Three letters of reference from recognized industry professionals

How will participants be selected?

Participants will be selected based on the strength, suitability and market potential of their projects in development, personal suitability, the demonstrated readiness of the participant to move into the international market, and a firm resolve to commit the required time to fully participate in the program.

When will I know if I have been selected?

Only successful candidates will be contacted by phone. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by mail.

What rights does NSI have on the project?

All copyright in the project shall belong to the applicant. NSI reserves the sole right to disqualify any participant that does not fully own the rights in and to the projects they have applied with.

What is the relationship between NSI and the successful applicants?

The relationship between the applicant and NSI shall not be deemed to constitute a partnership or joint venture. The applicant shall not have the right to incur any debts nor to make any commitment of or on behalf of NSI.

Can I submit my application by fax or email?

No. All applications must be provided using the online form.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

Email your questions to: global@nsi-canada.ca or call Ursula Lawson on (800) 952-9307 / (204) 957-8482.