NSI Script to Screen Alumni


Girlfriend by Ramona Barckert (Guelph, ON)

Minding the Manners by Daphne Ballon & Jeff Copeland (Toronto, ON)


The Shame Sisters by Kim Izzo (Richmond Hill, ON)

Halifax Ghost Company by Chris Dickie (Toronto, ON)

Ex-GFs by Robert Chomiak (Vancouver, BC)


Entanglement by Jason Filiatrault (Calgary, AB)

All in the Timing by Jessie Gabe (Toronto, ON)

Re-Arranged by Ravi Steve & Jeff Geddis (Toronto, ON)

Charcoal’s Way by Gerald Wexler (Westmount, QC)

Tiny Dancer by Doug Karr (Halifax, NS)


Here I Go Again by Pat Mills (Toronto, ON)

Joanna Makes a Friend by Ben Rollo (Victoria, BC)

My Other Life by Julian Doucet (Montreal, QC)

Rip My Heart Out by Daniel Hogg (Victoria, BC)

Sleeping Dog Lie by Thomas Michael & Paolo Mancini (Toronto, ON)