2 Strangers and a Foosball


Quick stats about the movie

By mistake, Julianne and Anthony arrive at a foosball party. Snazzy fooser, Duke, feels attracted to Julianne and hopes to charm her. The resulting love triangle grows more intense throughout the night, forcing Julianne to explore male competitiveness and score a few goals in the process.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Director’s statement

Eduardo Soto-Falcon says:

“I had a foosball table when I was a kid. During my college years and beyond I always enjoyed a good game of foos. I was also really passionate about pool since very young. Not strangely, my first screen hero was Fast Eddie Felson (The Hustler) until he was replaced by Vincent Lauria (The Color of Money).

In pool and poker movies, the main objective of the characters is to cheat, fool, hustle and win at all costs. I never agreed with that principle. Not even with the idea that someone has to prove [themselves] to be the best or earn a championship in order to be happy. I always felt that this subgenre needed a movie in which the protagonists would play a game because they love it, because they want to relate to other people and because it allows them to escape from the outside world.

The smaller and simpler game of foosball was more adequate for a modest production. It has a connection with innocence (it’s seen as a big toy for children), and the table itself is an intimate space, more personal and less theatrical than pool. Because of these connections, the characters of my movie have a chance to become children for a night.

Duke becomes the big kid of the party, admired by everyone, instead of the little man he feels in his regular life. What he doesn’t expect is that two outsiders will appear and shake up his idyllic little world: Julianne and Anthony. Instead of a trophy or money, Duke will compete for Julianne’s attention and love. Therefore, drama has arrived, and, along with it, romance. Two different worlds collide and connect at the foosball table.

The title was inspired by “Two Brothers and a Stranger”, the main hustle that Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) teaches Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise) in The Color of Money.”

About Eduardo Soto-Falcon


Eduardo Soto-Falcon has lived in different countries and lived, until recently, in Montreal. Now Toronto is his home. The genres that he likes the most are film noir, neo noir and supernatural horror. He also enjoys good comedies and underdog sports movies.

Eduardo went to film school in the United States and had his thesis film screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, where he won an award.

He began his career as assistant editor of a Golden Globe-nominated movie and as a sound assistant in a big budget Hollywood action thriller. Later on, he focused his efforts on writing feature-length screenplays in English and Spanish, earning a couple of awards, but sales and actual production evaded him.

Eduardo then chose the path of the indie filmmaker and has directed renowned personalities and rising stars of Latin American and Canadian cinema. His short films have been screened at over 25 film and video festivals around the world and on TV in Latin America and Quebec.

He is currently exploring the Toronto scene to get involved in film and new media projects.

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