Quick stats about the movie

It’s pitch dark and -40°C when the phone rings in Canada’s northwest. An on-call teacher must cycle to work through darkness and ice fog, in cold so deep that it can break steel and freeze lungs with a single unfiltered breath.

Creative team:

Writer/director/producer: Paul Davis

Director’s statement

Paul Davis says:

“This film had its creative start during a long hard winter voyage halfway around the world in a big ‘U’ from -40°C in Whitehorse, Yukon, to -10°C in Tromso, North Norway.

Norwegians could not believe that we operate at -40°C, so I decided to make a film about my daily routine of biking to work as an on-call teacher, during 19 hour long nights, at -40°C in ice-fog.”

About Paul Davis


Bilingual cinéaste, writer and actor who does his own stunts, Paul is a consummate storyteller who is looking for production partners to draw upon the Yukon’s production grants.

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