90 Days

90 Days

Quick stats about the movie

On a Chinese girl’s first night in Hong Kong, she is brought into the world of prostitution while trying to make a single phone call.

Creative team

Writers: Yinuo Wang, Timothy Yeung
Director: Timothy Yeung
Producers: Chor Chun Lau, Timothy Yeung

Filmmaker’s statement

The concept for 90 Days began when I first had an image of a woman who was at a payphone but unable to make a phone call. The woman would try to make a phone call but every single time she attempted to make a call she would hang up.

However, from this original image, I wasn’t able to come up with a complete story. Therefore, I put the concept aside until I shot an observational documentary in Hong Kong about a Chinese calligraphy artist with no arms.

The calligraphy artist would travel with his father from China to Hong Kong to paint and sell his calligraphy on the streets in Mong Kok. During the nights the artist and his father would stay in the red light motels where prostitution took place.

As I documented the calligraphy artist’s life in the red light motel I was brought into the world of prostitution in Hong Kong, and saw the world firsthand. I would listen to the Chinese prostitutes talk freely with one another and also saw the different men that would guide the prostitutes along the streets.

Through this experience and looking back at my original image of a woman at a payphone, I was able to develop the story for 90 Days. The screenplay for 90 Days is based on the stories I heard during the time in the motels.

About Timothy Yeung

Timothy Yeung

Timothy Yeung is a Canadian-born Chinese filmmaker.

Timothy began his career working at a Toronto Chinese television station, directing and producing a food program and various commercials. After two years in television, he applied and was accepted to New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia for his MFA in film production – writing and directing.

After his first year at Tisch, Timothy worked on the Hong Kong feature The Guillotines directed by Andrew Lau and executive produced by Peter Chan.

Timothy is also an alumnus of the 2015 TIFF Talent Lab, a finalist at the First International Chinese Film Festival Finance Forum, and selected to participate at the Berlinale – Tokyo Talents.

Timothy has finished his course work at Tisch and is currently working towards his first feature film entitled Status.

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