A False Sense of Security

Still from short film A False Sense of Security

Quick stats about the movie

Two women on opposing sides of the security sign-in desk, meet.

Creative team

Writer: Helen Juvonen
Director: Grace Lynn Kung
Producer: Catherine Tait

Filmmaker’s statement

A few years ago, I discovered Yuja Wang. Born in 1987, Yuja is a classical pianist who was born in Beijing, moved to Canada, graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia (whose admissions rate is 3.2%) and became an international sensation. The first time I watched her play I was captured. She had such an intimate relationship with her piano that I felt I was intruding – Steinway interruptus.

Google Yuja’s name and you will find as many articles about her hemline as her virtuosic technique. A reviewer for New Criterion declared of her Hollywood Bowl performance: “A Times Square hooker, in the old days, would have said, ‘For heaven’s sake, put on some clothes!’” Yuja is a new force pushing against a culture steeped in tradition, male dominated and heavy with heritage – they want to talk about her clothes, she wants to talk about Rachmaninoff.

This clash of past versus present, expression versus expectation is where the characters of this film, Mona and Debra, meet. And in their own ways, both women are like Yuja. While outwardly they seem to represent opposite sides of the argument, they are both caught within their respective roles in society in how they want to express themselves and their expectations of one another.

About Grace Lynn Kung

Grace Lynn Kung

Grace Lynn Kung is a CSA- and ACTRA Award-nominated actor and director. She has studied naturopathic medicine in the UK and holds two certificates of distinction in speech and drama from Trinity College London.

A False Sense of Security is her first film (not shot with stuffed animals on her Grandma’s camcorder).

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