A Ghost Within


Quick stats about the movie

One night at a roadside diner a confrontation erupts between a heart-broken young man and a grieving family mourning the death of their daughter. As they all struggle to hold on to the love they lost, they dance dangerously between the blurred lines of life and death.

When the family receives a sudden visit from the local sheriff – a lifelong friend – they learn that their emotions do not necessarily reflect truth and are forced to redefine love, loss, forgiveness and regret.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Joshua Hinkson
Director: Daniel Berezowsky
Producer: Liz Levine

Filmmaker’s statement

“When was the first time that you found yourself avoiding a piece of your past? That very instant when you realized that memories could be painful, and that some were best left unspoken; when did you notice that your soul was not untouched and that perhaps the tiniest scar had stained it forever?

We all have those moments in life. Whether it was a traumatic event, a painful childhood, a bad decision or something as simple as a breakup.

The cost of experiencing, of feeling, of relating to somebody else is precisely that we allow our souls to become vulnerable.

There, in the places of our memories where we do not want to go, in moments of our past we are ashamed of, the lost and unforgiven love or in the unfinished business that we are yet to resolve, are born the ghosts that haunt our dreams.

They exist like voices in our head – a super-ego perhaps in Freudian terms. And more often than not, they dictate great parts of who we are, who we pretend to be and how we interact with others.

Some of them are stronger burdens that their carriers are able to sustain. The most dangerous part about carrying a ghost within is that our vision is blurred by their presence. Sometimes we are blinded so much by them, that we end up accepting them as part of ourselves. We allow them to weave their strings into our souls.

The only way to get rid of them is to accept them, to become vulnerable one more time so they can fly away.

The strongest antidote in this sense is love itself when it exists in its purest and selfless form, when we become (if only for an instant) one with another. And even then, sometimes, we realize they cannot be expelled from our existence because of simple fate.

A Ghost Within is a story about denial, death, loneliness, complicity, loyalty, redemption, self exploration and grief. Above all, it is a story about love and the many ways in which it seduces the ghosts that exist inside us. That is, of course, if we allow this to be.”

About Daniel Berezowsky

Daniel Berezowsky

Born and raised in Mexico, a city permeated by social inequality, I have always felt the need to understand human behavior and contribute to social awareness. This lead me to study political science at the Iberoamericana University, where I graduated with honors as the top student in my class.

My personal passion for cinema, however, lead me to discover the hidden power films have as a means to reach society in a way today’s discredited politicians cannot.

In 2010, I moved to Vancouver, where I attended Vancouver Film School, specializing in directing and post production. Since then, I have successfully directed three short films (Smile and By Design) and one documentary (Faces of the Forest).

I first met Josh Hinkson when we were doing pre-production for Elliot Spark. He came in for a read-through and I knew, in that very moment, we had a lot in common. He loves character and story as much as I do and he understands the strength of simplicity in filmmaking.

In the months that followed, I got the chance to discover in him a passionate and dedicated professional, admirable not only in his craft but in his humanistic understanding of life. I am honored to be working with Josh in this beautifully written project.

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