About the Girl


Quick stats about the movie

After years apart, the death of a mutual friend brings three estranged high school friends together to revisit a past that has long since been buried.

Reunited, but hampered by the ghosts of their past, the friends comb the back alleys and dive bars of their home town in search of answers to their questions and the truth about the girl.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Michael Humble
Director: Kevin Hoffman

Personal statement

Kevin Hoffman says:

“A long gestating project, About the Girl really was a film borne out of a passion for the art. With minimal previous experience and a slight budget, producer and writer Michael Humble gathered up a group of friends and set out to put his words to film.

Working through scheduling conflicts with the principle performers and early snowfalls, they set out to capture a portrait of mystery and intrigue set in the Northern Ontario autumn.

The result was About the Girl, a visually sumptuous effort that will hopefully be the first of many to come from this team of talented, dedicated individuals who came together through a shared love of film, both technically and artistically.”

About Kevin Hoffman


Born in Pembroke Ontario, Kevin spent most of his childhood in North Bay, Ontario where he developed a keen appreciation of the arts and now works as the senior art director for a successful marketing firm.

Originally educated as a commercial illustrator, Kevin has established himself as an award-winning visual artist with a strong passion for music and film. With his strength in the visual arts, and his experience in storyboarding, art directing, and television commercial editing, Kevin’s interest and talents have now been directed into filmmaking.

He recently won third place in the 2008 Cinéfest-Sudbury International Film Festival Best in Shorts competition for the film That Was Easy, which has also played in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

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