And You Keep Going


Quick stats about the movie

Smoke, fight and eat your way through another long day with two bros who refuse to give up on each other. Gordo is dark, wise, and losing his patience with Boony, who’s totally washed-up and can’t get over it.

Their bruised friendship is pushed to the limits as they set out, brick in hand, to rid themselves of the past … one last chance to cross that bridge.

Starring two of Vancouver’s most legendary down-and-out musicians (Robert Tornroos and Andrew Lee), and made by three troubled filmmakers you should really pay attention to … And You Keep Going is funny, messy and beautiful. More than anything, it has huge heart.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ryan Flowers, Tyler Hagan and Lisa Pham

Directors’ statement

Ryan Flowers, Tyler Hagan and Lisa Pham say:

“All he needs to do is throw a brick through her window.”

About the directors

Ryan Flowers

Lisa Pham

Tyler Hagan

Ryan, Tyler and Lisa are the creators of And You Keep Going, a remarkably collaborative, beautiful short film which has been well supported, well received and well loved at film festivals in Montreal, Luton UK, and of course Vancouver BC, the city where all three filmmakers are currently enrolled in Simon Fraser University’s Film Production Program.

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