Bait and Switch

Still from short film Bait and Switch

Quick stats about the movie

A young woman’s perception of beauty is challenged when she discovers her Tinder date lied in his profile.

Creative team

Writers/producers: John Mavro, Lewis Spring, Benny Morgentler
Director: Phil Moniz

Filmmaker’s statement

As someone who has always physically looked ‘outside of the norm,’ it often interests me to think about people’s conceptions of beauty.

With dating apps and online networks being the number one way young people find dates today, the question of expectation versus reality is a common one. People present their ideal selves online – a version of them which obscures flaws, and often the truth. When these expectations are found to be wrong upon first meeting someone in person … well, suffice to say, there is much awkwardness and comedy there.

Bait and Switch aims to take this to the extreme. Through an absurdist lens, the film seeks to shed light on this sort of hilarious phenomenon, and ultimately make an irreverent comment about the disposable nature of modern dating and companionship.

About Phil Moniz

Phil Moniz

Phil is a writer/director whose short-form drama and comedy work has been featured at festivals throughout Canada. Most recently he’s been developing several short-format animated pilot projects including The Line (2016) and Witches (2017).

Phil has worked on short and feature-length projects since graduating from the cinema studies program at the University of Toronto and is the co-owner/founder of the largest and fastest growing online comedy platform operating out of Canada, Thunder Dungeon.

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