Bernard the Magician


Quick stats about the movie

Loveable misfit Bernard wants to be a great magician but his crappy job, downer parents and a birthday party of ruthless 10-year-olds are determined to crush his dreams.

Creative team

Writer/director: Megan Wennberg
Producer: Kevin Kincaid

Director’s statement

Megan Wennberg says:

I love the character of Bernard and I feel badly for putting him through so much in this film. He’s a beautiful dreamer and, unlike so many of us, he has the courage to follow his dream no matter what.

I admire this quality in people and I wanted to make a film where this passion is rewarded.”

About Megan Wennberg


Megan has written, directed and produced a number of short films – comedy, drama and documentary – which have won national awards, screened at international film festivals and been licensed for broadcast by CBC, the Comedy Network and Movieola.

Megan has never studied magic, but she loves a good magic trick. She’s also a big fan of birthday cake.

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