Biggest Things

Biggest Things short film

Quick stats about the movie

Two failing East Vancouver artists embark on a road trip to photograph the world’s largest roadside attractions.

Creative team

Writers: Micah Henry, Cassidy Waring
Director: Micah Henry
Producers: Emily Bruinsma, Camilo Lopez

Filmmaker’s statement

Biggest Things is a film about connection and relation. I did what I could to portray a relationship in the most organic and honest way possible.

Sometimes the decisions we make and the things we say do not make sense. That is something I was exploring with these two characters in an experiment in human connection.

Fostering a style of naturalism in timing, I have done everything I can do to make this film nothing more than true to my reality.

About Micah Henry

Micah Henry

Micah is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and sonic artist. Focusing on dialogue-driven films, he examines what it means to go through life learning the subtle nuances experienced interacting with one another.

Meanwhile, he’s also learning that the whole being an adult thing is, like, super hard.

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