Bonding short film

Quick stats about the movie

An electrician’s routine house call takes an unexpected turn when the sullen homeowners provide a nightmarish look into his potential future.

Creative team

Writer/director: Alex Butt
Producers: Alex Butt, Lewis Spring

Filmmaker’s statement

Bonding imagines a newlywed’s idea of a haunted house, where the typical supernatural terror is replaced with the tormenting presence of regret, resentment, and memories of a brighter past.

At its core, the film is a love story dressed as a horror, which allowed us to have fun playing with composition, pacing and music to reference some of the genre’s familiar signatures.

I was lucky to work with some old and new friends on this project and I’m forever grateful to the cast and crew for being incredible collaborators and rising to the occasion against a tight timeline and limited resources.

About Alex Butt

Alex Butt

Alex Butt is a Toronto-based writer, director and producer whose portfolio spans a variety of documentary, narrative and commercial works.

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