Burnt Toast


Quick stats about the movie

After accidentally destroying his own toaster, Todd ventures out to purchase a used one from Pascal.

During their rendezvous, Todd encounters a painting that uncovers profound truths about his past, while Pascal gets a second chance at being a father figure.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Aiden Cardei, Aleksandar Popovic
Producer: Aiden Cardei

Filmmakers’ statement

Above all else we aim for truth. Our favorite works of art deal honestly with basic human conflicts and that’s our goal as well. We want our stories to be simple, our performances grounded and our films universal.

In order to produce more cohesive work we handle every aspect of the filmmaking process ourselves from pre- through to post-production. We have a close knit group of collaborators whose hard work and ingenuity make these films possible. We thank them. And we thank you for giving us a shot.

About Aiden Cardei and Aleksandar Popovic

Aiden Cardei, Aleksandar Popovic

Aiden Cardei is an American actor, writer and director. He’s acted in over 50 national commercials in addition to appearances in pilots, features, short films and theatre productions. He graduated UCLA summa cum laude, a 2017 Thompson Prize winner. In his spare time he writes music and refines the craft of making pasta.

Aleksandar Popovic is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Petar on the STARZ series Power. Most recently he’s completed two pilots and a series of short films that he wrote, directed and starred in.

In addition to acting Aleksandar has collaborated with acclaimed Canadian composer Alice Ho on a piece that pays tribute to Yoko Ono. He also finished production on a folk album and a series of children’s books. In his spare time he cuddles his wife Stephanie, his dog Riley and his cat George.

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