Buttfuck Nowhere


Quick stats about the movie

Dan and Stew have been best friends since kindergarten but when they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, it becomes clear that the boundaries of their friendship are going to be tested.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Joel Salaysay

Filmmaker’s statement

Joel Salaysay says:

Buttfuck Nowhere is the type of film you hesitate to make because you fear how your mental stability will be perceived once it’s out there. Pitching this idea to my film class, I was so certain it would be rejected that I had a second pitch lined up and ready to go. Defying all common sense and good judgment, it somehow went exceedingly well, and it was suddenly foisted upon me to make a film about the most unlikely solution for renewable energy imaginable.

Although this idea had been cooking in my head for quite some time, the motivation to actually sit down and write it didn’t come to me until I happened upon three gentlemen: Daniel Jeffery, Kane Stewart and Mackenzie Warner – the three men who would become my actors.

One great advantage of film school is its sense of community. Were it not for this, I might never have met these three guys, who are remarkable filmmakers in their own right, and whom I had seen work together on several projects.

I knew that if I could get them in a film together, something magical would happen and, what’s more, I would be the recipient of far more credit than I was rightfully due. My job was simply to cast the right actors and stand aside. Well, that and deal with the horrendous Vancouver rain which re-affirmed the tenacity and resilience of my crew (including director of photography Christian Lai and Becca Johanssen, who did the credits) while also completely soaking my gear and giving my car the scent of a hot yoga class.

Had I not been able to get at least two out of the three actors (in any combination), I don’t think I would have gone forward with the film. Their comedic sensibilities and their intelligence when it came to improvising are things I’m convinced are unteachable. That, and the natural chemistry they have with one another.

This film is an absurdist comedy and the first real occasion I’ve had to really embrace and celebrate that side of myself on screen. I never expected it would have festival legs, so I suppose that means I made it for the right reasons. Namely, because it was something I wanted to see, and that no one else was going to make.

The film does not poke fun at any group of people and I think the humour is derived from the situation and the personal discomfort of the two friends. I think it takes a taboo subject and makes it accessible, and for those reasons, it remains kind-spirited.

I feel very honoured to be a part of this festival and I hope you watch the film and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

About Joel Salaysay


Born in Winnipeg, Joel Salaysay is a Vancouver-based filmmaker currently in his fourth year at Simon Fraser University’s film program.

Buttfuck Nowhere is his fifth student film. He is currently in pre-production for his grad project, Lifers, a semi-autobiographical narrative following the exploits of a dishwasher, as well as his colourful group of co-workers.

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