Quick stats about the movie

When a trust borne out of intimacy is shattered, it is the silence of irreconcilable differences which narrates the stories contained within Cheat. A depiction of how infidelity mocks unconditioned love while crystallizing memories within a fragmented heart.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin

Filmmaker’s statement

Cheat was birthed from my interest in using aerial shots to present the sense of distance and invasiveness that serve as the byproduct of infidelity. Capturing the tension that only silence can convey, it was my intention to extract the deepest of emotions by way of contact-improvised motion.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to my co-editor, Markus Henkel.”

About Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin

Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin

Having experimented within a diverse range of fields, I have developed an appreciation for mediums which offer me challenges.

Although I enjoy deconstructing and rebuilding ideas organically, there are occasions when I strive to present only the spark which triggered my imagination in the first place. I exist as a flicker somewhere in between.

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