Choir Boy Lucky


Quick stats about the movie

During the sixties in Canada, it became the government’s idea to place First Nations children into white families. At two months old, Andrew Balfour was adopted into the home of an Anglican priest, his wife and his many children. There was lots of love, a humble home and family.

Andrew spent a good deal of time singing in the choir at his father’s church. It was only in his teens that Andrew came to understand that he was Metis. Teenage years often lead to rebellion and this played out as a rough and dangerous period in Andrew’s life. He lived on the streets of Winnipeg, and ended up in jail.

But as good forces will finally rule, Andrew found the layers of meaning to his life. After his release, Andrew formed a most unique and unusual choral ensemble with his old choir boy buddies. Andrew’s mission is to create a bridge, a fusion of European and Aboriginal culture. The duality in himself. Two strong bloodlines.

In his work, he strives to create Aboriginal-Caucasian dialectic; this is the echoing voices in our Canadian song. All Canadians can hear this if they listen. Listen, watch his latest composition: Medieval Inuit, a celebration of our past, future, of our gently merging cultures.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Ruth DeGraves

Director’s statement

Ruth DeGraves says:

“A difficult story that turned out well. My, how I love happy endings and people with courage.”

About Ruth DeGraves

Ruth DeGraves

Update: Sadly, Ruth passed away in 2014.

Ruth is currently embarking on a new short documentary about one of her favorite themes: Canadian culture and early European encounters with our First Nations people. This will be a complimentary cousin to one of her previous films, The Chronicler.

Ruth’s new film invites us into the world of art and music and the fusion of these Canadian cultures in its contemporary, evolved form.

Her work background includes more than a decade as writer/producer/broadcaster for CBC Radio and her work on numerous documentary films for the National Film Board of Canada as well as independent film. Ruth is also a writer of fiction with three short stories and a novel published internationally.

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