Cleverly Disguised

Cleverly Disguised

Quick stats about the movie

A middle-aged man, weary and pensive, returns home on a train. He’s a complicated hero with a secret identity. Narrating his own story, he guides us through a series of flashbacks, beginning 20 years earlier where circumstances change the course of his life.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kelly Fanson
Producers: Kelly Fanson, Byron A. Martin, Tristan Sones

Filmmaker’s statement

The deception of Cleverly Disguised, originally written as a short story, was a challenge to portray on film, especially because of the short vignettes as scenes into the past which span twenty years. The main character lives with a duality that was not to be revealed until the end of the film; however, with a super talent like Morgan Kelly, we were able to achieve this.

It’s a superhero movie, but in disguise. Cleverly Disguised is an ambitious attempt to bring this character’s story to life. There are subtle hints throughout the film to as to who/what our hero really is, including a specific colour palette to represent our lead character’s state of mind.

I am grateful to have worked with such a talented cast and crew who worked enthusiastically and tirelessly, at times outside on cold winter nights. Brrrr.

About Kelly Fanson

Kelly Fanson

Kelly is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning director and writer/creator/director of the web series Best Before.

Kelly has directed shorts, web series, and various theatre productions. She is a mom, a busy actor/voice performer, and writes/develops series for TV.

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