Counting on a New Crop


Quick stats about the movie

Best friends, 66-year-old farmer Jim and 23-year-old electrician Jon, struggle to keep Edencrest Farm alive.

Creative team

Writer: Brina Romanek
Producer: Felicity Justrabo

Filmmaker’s statement

Having been raised in rural Ontario, I have always felt lucky to know the farmers who grew my food.

As I got older and moved to a metropolitan area I began to notice how few of us take the time to think about where our food comes from, the love and care put into creating it, and the importance of supporting our local farmers along the way.

When I set out to make this film, that was the story I intended to tell. However, halfway through filming, the story evolved. It became about so much more. To me this is a story shared by so many Canadians. It is a story of loss when having to let go of the family farm but, more importantly, it is a glimmer of hope.

Jon and Jim’s relationship offers a heartwarming look at what can be achieved when we rely on one another and dare to dream.

About Brina Romanek

Brina Romanek

Brina Romanek is a documentary filmmaker and storyteller. At 24, she has directed and produced for Rogers TV and True Calling Media.

Brina is a graduate of George Brown’s prestigious theatre program and has a passion for podcasts and documentary theatre as well as film. When she isn’t sharing stories, you can find Brina playing water polo or rock climbing.

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