Dear Kate

Dear Kate short film

Quick stats about the movie

Lorna’s attempt to reach out to her estranged daughter reveals some stark truths in this drama about a retired vocalist who finds comfort and companionship through memories.

Creative team

Writer/director: Ilona Elizabeth McCrea
Producer: Matthew Ackland

Filmmaker’s statement

A heavy sadness consumes me, the days I walk through these cream coloured halls. A tomb of forgotten lives; rich with experience and filled with vivid memories. Each resident a trove of wisdom, left to spend their final years as invisible members of society.

This morning a gurney is wheeled down the corridor. A silver hair peers through the long vinyl bag. This once vibrant soul has departed our world, with no one to comfort them through their last breath. As they each await the inevitable, they live in hope of a friendly face, an attentive ear or a loving hand. None of them imagined a fate like this when they were young.

There is a propaganda of youth that surrounds us. An unending desire to cure, mend or stop the fatal ‘disease’ we call: Old Age. This aversion is nowhere as deeply felt as it is through the hearts of those who have been stamped with this ‘use by’ date. Their value and worth judged, and defined, by an uncontrollable force of nature.

As a team, Dear Kate challenged us to take a deep look at ourselves, our relationships and the importance of communication. It aims to question societal perceptions on aging through Lorna’s story.

By journeying with Lorna I wanted to give the audience a juxtaposition between a rich, full life and a present reality that feels stagnant and isolated. Through her nostalgia, Lorna tries to attest to her worth as a woman and as a human being. In her plea we come to see her feelings of regret, her struggle to accept her current reality, and her need to feel loved and wanted, again.

This film is the product of a generous community and a wonderful cast and crew. It is with sincere gratitude for their hard work that we present this short to you.

About Ilona Elizabeth McCrea

Ilona Elizabeth McCrea

Holding degrees in journalism and creative writing from the University of London, Ilona went on to study acting at the William Esper Studio in New York City. With a strong interest in storytelling and the human condition, she has worked with numerous productions and news agencies that share this focus.

Garnering 13 nominations and four awards, Dear Kate is Ilona’s directorial debut.

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