Demonetized short film about YouTube creators

Quick stats about the movie

A disillusioned internet creator from Alberta embarks on a journey to discover what it takes to make it on YouTube.

Creative team

Writer: Sarah Jones
Director: Patrick O’Connor
Producer: Rew Jones

Filmmaker’s statement

In early 2018, YouTube removed the ability to make money for countless users creating free content for their platform. I was despondent at this news, as I had poured years of my life into films and educational content on the website. But I was also curious as to how other creators in Alberta were reacting.

So, I rounded up a small group of Alberta-based filmmakers and set out for answers, looking to find out why this is important, how it affects us, the love for the craft of making video, and the struggles inherent in trying to make it as a content creator in the province.

About Patrick O’Connor

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick Michael O’Connor is a Canadian filmmaker with a background in technology and education.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta, he has worked for over a decade in central and northern Alberta in positions related to technology and video production, returning to Grande Prairie in 2016 to study film and video production at Grande Prairie Regional College.

An active member of the Peace Region film community, Patrick has served on the board of the Peace Region Media Arts Association (PRIMAA), assisting in local productions, and runs a full-service video production and motion graphics studio Jimber Jam Studios. His passions and specialties include editing, directing and documentaries.

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