Earth to Avery

Earth to Avery

Quick stats about the movie

Avery is convinced she’s from another planet, which is causing some trouble as she adjusts to her new foster placement.

Creative team

Writer/director: Julianna Notten
Producers: Adin Dell, Janet Lee Rose

Filmmaker’s statement

I got the inspiration for Earth to Avery from doing some research into foster children, which is an issue that’s really caught my attention in the last little while.

I know a lot of foster children can sometimes have a hard time developing a proper sense of home which is where the character of Avery – a young girl who believes [she’s] from another planet to which she is trying to return – came from.

I also always knew I wanted the focus to be on Avery and her foster mother, as strong girl and women characters in film are important to me.

About Julianna Notten

Julianna Notten

Julianna Notten is an up-and-coming writer/director born and based in Toronto.

Recently graduated from Ryerson University with her BFA in film studies, Julianna has directed a number of documentary and narrative projects including Sexpectations (2013) and The Beginner’s Guide To Suicide (2014), both of which won various awards throughout her time at Ryerson.

Her work often deals with everyday dramas and the impact of human relationships. She specifically likes to deal with female protagonists, having grown tired of a lack of well-developed female representation in mainstream movies.

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