Four Sisters


Quick stats about the movie

When Norma arranges a lunch-n-learn for her ailing sister, Theresa, in an attempt to bring the family together. None of the sisters show up. Not even Theresa, leaving motherly Norma feeling angry and unappreciated.

On her way home, yet another blow is delivered when she sees her youngest sister Clara kissing Nish Feehan, the one-time fiance of their sister Lily. When the women gather later at the family home, Norma corners Clara into telling Lily about Nish.

This inadvertently exposes her own past with the man causing a blow out between the siblings that’s been long coming.

Creative team

Writer: Wanda Nolan
Director: Dana Warren
Producer: Lynn Andrews

Director’s statement

Dana Warren says:

“Actor and playwright Bernie Stapleton wrote, “The women are clearly, sparely drawn, absolutely real.”

Four Sisters is a simple story, yet undeniably alive in the quiet of its ordinariness. I captured the normal. We meet each sister allowing the character to come to life simply, as if we come upon them.

The detail around them reveals the essence of each.  Norma:  our mother knows best; next in line is Theresa: despondent as the cancer that’s running through her veins; Lily: a self-absorbed romance writer; and the youngest Clara: quirky yet undeniably the catalyst who breaks down their walls.

Norma, Theresa, Lily and Clara embody a feeling we all know. We are set apart by our insecurities yet our ability to let go can bring us together. The trust and love of a pack of women allows bygones to be bygones but not with a little learning and growing. We all know what it’s like to be alone. Sisters make that all the easier.”

About Dana Warren

Dana Warren

Dana has been a filmmaker for 20 years with a thriving career as assistant director, director and producer in Atlantic Canada.

The past six years she has worked as an agency producer for a advertising marketing firm. Dana has made several films as a producer, most notably the award-winning feature The Bingo Robbers.

Dana is an avid participant in her community creating and teaching many workshops, taking opportunities to learn wherever offered, sitting five years as chair of the Director’s Guild of Canada Atlantic Region and serving on several boards over the years including most recently The Nickel Film Festival.

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