Quick stats about the movie

Early one morning, Robin witnesses a meteorite explode in the sky above her home. After she finds a fragment and brings it to school, Robin begins to fall ill with a strange infection that will change her life forever.

Creative team

Writer/director: David Hamelin and Neil Macdonald
Producer: Neil Macdonald

Director’s statement

Neil Macdonald says:

“David and I began developing Fragments in 2008. We were inspired by the Tagish Lake Meteor which exploded in the sky above the Yukon in 2000. After completing the first draft of the feature, we decided to create a short based on a character from the script.

With funds from the Yukon Film and Sound Commission we completed Fragments in 2011 and went on to premier at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. We are excited to continue our festival run with the NSI Online Film Festival.”

About the filmmakers

David Hamelin and Neil Macdonald

Above: David Hamelin and Neil Macdonald

Based in the Yukon, David Hamelin and Neil Macdonald have been co-writing and co-directing films since they were 13. Both David and Neil left the Yukon to study in BC. David received a BFA in Creative Writing from UVIC and studied directing at the Langara Film Arts Program, and Neil received a BA in Film Production from UBC.

Both have worked in production in BC and the Yukon. David has worked as a production coordinator on the Telefilm feature The Mountie, and the APTN television series Anash and The Legacy of the Sun-Rock. Neil was nominated for a Leo award for his work as a director of photography, and has worked as a lighting best boy on projects such as The Killing, The Twilight Saga New Moon and Eclipse.

David and Neil have directed several music videos, shorts, episodes of the web series Yukonic and have several projects in development.

In 2012 David and Neil were selected into the NSI Features First program with Fragments, based on their short film.

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