Quick stats about the movie

Mary, recovering from a devastating breakup, is persuaded by her close friend Nettie to have a long overdue night out on the town.

As the evening odyssey begins, Mary discovers that she has the power to see into the future of her relationships with each man that she encounters.

When events take a turn for the worse, Mary must confront her darkest fears before she can regain control of herself.

Creative team

Writer: Annie Reid
Director/writer: Kryshan Randel
Producer: Lauren Grant

Director’s statement

Kryshan Randel says:

“Glimpse was inspired by the thought of someone being able see the future of their relationships with people that they’ve only just met, combined with the character idea of a woman venturing outside her house for the first time in weeks after a very bad breakup, that only runs into men.

Surreal concept, awkward comedy, with a hint of horror – my favourite mix to work with.”

About Kryshan Randel


Kryshan is the creator and producer of the successful Vancouver-based fast film events The 24 Hour Film Contest and The Great Canadian Commercial Contest, and associate producer of the city’s premier short film-related event Crazy8s.

Kryshan has also directed over 50 short films including the award winners The Bully SolutionThe Secret Life of Cassandra Brown and Cowboy.

Kryshan has worked as a director and producer for Novus TV, where he made several TV series including the first season of the variety show Talent Time.

He is writing several features, teaching film at the Kaleidoscope Film Program and directing a variety of projects.

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