Quick stats about the movie

A middle-aged, over-worked and demoralized man finds it increasingly difficult to focus on what’s real in his life. Overwhelmed by fear of what’s to come, he gives in to desperation until fate intervenes.

Creative team

Co-writer/co-director: Kelly Zombor
Co-writer/co-producer: Esther Purves-Smith
Co-director: Andy Price
Co-producer: Anisa Lalani

Filmmaker’s statement

Kelly Zombor says:

“I have always been fascinated by our ability to convince ourselves that what we ‘think’ constitutes reality. How we behave, make decisions and act based on our notion of what’s real.

Sometimes what we think is completely out of touch with reality and, if we’re lucky, we get to see our flawed thinking and make changes before it’s too late.

Goner reminds us that life is sudden. Goner was in development for over a year. It was shot entirely on location in Calgary, Alberta. The film was 100% crowdfunded using Indiegogo.

Goner was an official selection at the 2012 Calgary International Film Festival and was nominated for best short and people’s choice award at the 2013 Lewiston/Auburn Film Festival.”

About Kelly Zombor


Kelly Zombor is a freelance multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Calgary and Vancouver.

He works as a sound designer, composer, engineer, musician, producer, director, electronics hacker and visual artist.

As a sound mixer and boom operator, Kelly has worked for many of Hollywood’s biggest studios including Paramount, Warner Bros, Disney and Fox. He was a member of the sound team on Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, which earned an Oscar® nomination for best sound.

Over the past few years, Kelly has focused on producing his own work, directing a number of short films and music videos. He is currently writing his first feature and has a web series in development.

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