I Bike


Quick stats about the movie

Via some key cycling personalities, I Bike develops ideas surrounding the fixed-gear scene and biking community of Montreal, encouraging the viewer to draw conclusions and question their understanding of urban biking as an efficient means of municipal transportation and art.

Creative team

Co-writer/co-director/co-producer: Martin Amiot
Co-writer/co-director: Philippe Bellemare
Co-writer/co-producer: Josh Gieni

Filmmaker’s statement

Martin Amiot says:

“This movie is a cyclist’s portrait which reflects the mood and passion of each of them.

It also demonstrates a powerful desire for change in dense urban districts in Montreal, especially regarding public transport. This fixed-gear movement is now well-known all around the world.

No matter what you are riding, it is your time to shine. Keep riding!”

About Martin Amiot


One image is worth a thousand words but an in-movement image is worth a thousand pictures. Martin has a artistic and graphic background and moves between art and science. He studied aircraft construction, fine arts and graphic design. After school, he worked as a freelance web designer, combining animation and design, receiving awards for his website designs.

Meanwhile, Martin continued to craft his passion for video and cinema by making short films with an amateur collective of filmmakers. During 2010, Martin joined the Ombres et Lumieres Studio as an art and video director.

His video project I Bike, about the fixed-gear bicycle, was highly acclaimed by Montreal bike communities. A buzz about cycling has been created because of the film’s viral success and it’s now screening in film festivals around the world.

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