Infidelity short film

Quick stats about the movie

A brother aids his distraught sister with the disposal of her dead lover’s body, witnessed by the corpse’s unwitting wife and her lover.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Linda Rumney

Filmmaker’s statement

Infidelity is a dark comedy about a woman who conceals the body of her lover after he dies suddenly. It just so happens he is the husband of her best friend.

I love the idea that a woman would go to any lengths to save a friendship, albeit a little twisted!

About Linda Rumney

Linda Rumney

Linda Rumney is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and writer.

She started out as a script supervisor and wrote her first short script, Infidelity, followed by several features and shorts that have garnered awards at Nashville Film Festival, Canadian Shorts Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Awards, Directors Circle Festival of Shorts, International Women’s Film Festival and The American Gem Short Script and Literary Awards.

She is currently pursuing representation for her first novel and working on an animation feature.

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