It’s a Baby


Quick stats about the movie

A romantic date leaves an elated woman pregnant. To the doctor’s surprise, she gives birth to an unusual offspring but remains unfazed and loves her child.

A bizarre and tragic turn of events occurs after the delivery that brings out the mother’s peculiar side.

Creative team

Co-writers: Jessica Blaquiere, Marc Blaquiere
Director: Jessica Blaquiere
Co-producers: Jessica Blaquiere, Marc Blaquiere

Filmmaker’s statement

“This was an incredibly fun video to make. The video was produced for, and by, the Vancouver band Kill City Kids.

The initial goal was to create a story somewhere between edgy and borderline shocking with a creepy undertone. Stop-motion seems to be a sure-fire method of injecting just the right amount of creepy into any video.

After the story was written, the song was conceived to match the plot of the video. This was the reverse process to the previous three Kill City Kids videos I’ve helped make, where the video storyboard was drawn out to fit the lyrics and song structure of an already finished song.

All props, scenes and characters were hand fabricated by me – aside from the obvious pieces of dinnerware in the very last scene. Because the characters are quite small, quail eggs were used as opposed to chicken eggs to match the size ratio.

The pictures were shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, the video was edited in Windows Live Movie Maker and the opening title screen was produced in Adobe Photoshop.

The song was made by Marc Blaquiere, Rob Leishman and me, and was recorded by Doug Fury at Fortissimo Sound in Vancouver.”

About Jessica Blaquiere

Jessica Blaquiere

I began making stop-motion music videos alongside my husband Marc Blaquiere one and a half years ago as a promotional tool for the band we were currently in – Kill City Kids.

Four videos, including It’s a Baby, have been completed to date and each video provided a new lesson that could be used to improve the next video.

In this time, I quickly learned of my love of the video making process and, naturally, the videos evolved as art projects of their own.

I started off just purchasing dolls and hand making the sets and furniture but eventually wanted more interesting characters so began producing my own. I hand sculpt the characters using polymer clay and sew small clothing.

I am currently working on a new video with Marc for the upcoming Vancouver band Jerk in the Can. Links to all videos and photos of the character creation process can be found at

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