Just Another Beautiful Family


Quick stats about the movie

Just an ordinary suburban family, except that Dad’s transgender, Mom’s queer and there are five kids in this minivan.

Creative team

Writers/directors/producers: Katherine and Nick North

Filmmakers’ statement

This is our family’s true story of identity, trust and transformation.

Too many transgender kids wonder: will I be loved? Will I get to have a family? Will it all be OK? Here’s the answer, and a love story about family, finding your true self and becoming who you really are.

About Katherine and Nick North

North family

First-time filmmakers Katherine and Nick fell in love, turned their worlds upside down and lived to tell about it.

Their first joint project is this personal documentary about how they fell in love, became a blended family with FIVE kids and navigated Nick’s gender transition from female to male.

This is the first of many projects they hope to do together (in addition to co-parenting, driving the minivan and doing the dishes) as part of their Beautiful Families project. Beautiful Families shares stories about all sorts of underrepresented and nontraditional families – because every family is a beautiful family.

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