Just As I Remember

Just As I Remember

Quick stats about the movie

Two fathers living with ALS are faced with heartbreaking choices that will forever change their children’s lives.

Creative team

Director/producer: Andrew Moir

Filmmaker’s statement

When I was shooting and editing this film, I witnessed the amazing capacity for children to be insightful, joyful and resilient in the face of tragedy.

Over the past few years, I have been very fortunate to screen this film in many festivals and its success has been exciting. I hope that screening it online will give me the chance to share it with a new audience, the original intended audience when I decided to make it: people living with ALS and young parents struggling with illness or a new disability.

I am very grateful to the people who made this film happen, especially Andrew Jeffrey, Rachel McParland, my parents and, of course, Brad and his family. They opened up their lives to me and were so brave to let me tell their story during such a difficult time.

About Andrew Moir

Andrew Moir

Andrew Moir’s documentaries include Uprooted, a short about a tobacco farmer giving up his crop forever; Just As I Remember, a personal documentary about two young fathers living with ALS; and Babe, I Hate To Go, a feature-length film currently in production about a Jamaican migrant worker forced to return home after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Andrew also works in fiction as a producer.

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