Kanada Girl


Quick stats about the movie

Kanada Girl is a short documentary that follows Flora Kupsch, owner of Wild West Shooting Centre at West Edmonton Mall.

She was one of the world’s best cowboy action shooters, and was forced into retirement after, ironically, being shot. It follows her comeback and attempt to reclaim the world title.

Creative team

Director: Rebecca Campbell
Co-producers: Rebecca Campbell, Frederick Kroetsch

Filmmaker’s statement

As a female filmmaker, Flora’s story really inspired me. She grew up with such hardship, in a poor family in the Philippines.

Through the years she fought for ‘more’ and ended up owning a successful business in Canada. Her story is one of determination and perseverance.

In a way, I feel as though her cowboy action shooting competitions mirror her life story of struggle and success.

This project is really special to me since it was my first (short) documentary.

About Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is an emerging filmmaker who is currently producing a children’s stop-motion animation series.

She specializes in the production of ambient television and 360 video.

Kanada Girl is her first documentary and has screened at numerous international film festivals.

She is currently in development on multiple projects.

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