Lake Cop 2: Ripple Effect


Quick stats about the movie

A radical environmentalist law enforcer brings his absurd brand of vigilante justice on self-propelled water-skis.

He stirs up the waters in the rural community of Rainy Lake to stop pollution of the lake and thwart drug traffickers exploiting Native Americans.

Creative team

Writer: Brent Cooper
Director/producer: Graeme Morgan

Filmmakers’ statement

The filmmakers say:

“Lake Cop 2: Ripple Effect was originally simply a comedy skit/mock trailer, and was produced on zero budget by our small creative team with Graeme Morgan at the helm.

However, the idea has since evolved into a passion project with the intent to make a real feature film. Brent Cooper discovered a world within the character of Roderick Fischer that had to be explored, and subsequently a full feature script has emerged from the depths.

The screenplay story fuses together the elements of nature/environmentalism, justice/indigenous rights, and Canada/US border politics and drug smuggling, with a serious yet deeply satirical tone, all set in a beautiful recreational lake culture.

While the trailer/short is a stand alone comedy piece, we hope to bring attention to our professionalism and ambition with this project, and gain the support to make a feature film.”

About Graeme Morgan


Graeme is a graduate of Art Fundamentals at Sheridan College in Ontario, and of the Motion Picture Production Program at Capilano College in BC. Since film school, Graeme has been working full-time in the film industry.

From locations assistant to set decorator to props assistant to acting, he has experience within several departments of the union film industry. Graeme has been able to transfer this experience into his personal work as a director, DOP, motion graphics artist, actor, and producer.

He has been a member of IASTE 891 since October 2007.  However, his experience on union film sets dates back to 2005. He has directed eight short films and has served Tigheland Productions as director and actor in The Backshop Show.

Graeme was born and raised in Fort Frances, Ontario, on Rainy Lake, where Lake Cop 2: Ripple Effect is set.

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