Last Music Man


Quick stats about the movie

Meet Dan Burke – concert promoter and journalist with a rough past. Refusing to play by anyone’s rules but his own, Dan has made enemies and loyal friends within the Toronto music scene. This is his story.

Creative team

Writer/director: David Kalinauskas
Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Filmmaker’s statement

Dan is notorious for his outspoken character and tireless work ethic. He is loved by some and hated by others. He has done some really great and really strange things.

I was interested to know more about what made him tick. He is a big part of the success of the current Toronto indie music scene, and a big piece of the Canadian music landscape. He did not disappoint: he was nothing like I expected, but every bit as interesting as I hoped he would be.

Dan was not too excited about the idea of this film at first. He literally did it to help me out [when I was] at the time a total stranger. That goes to show you what kind of guy he is.

He was very helpful and co-operative throughout the first bit of production. Near the end he was much more difficult. He did not take well to being on camera in and among his peers.

Throughout principle photography and post production I had a great time piecing the puzzle of Dan’s life together.

About David Kalinauskas

David Kalinauskas

David Kalinauskas is a producer/director from Toronto.

He co-founded the company KALINA Pictures in 2013 and has produced creative advertising video content for top brands such as Samsung, Dell, Marks, Canadian Tire and Sport Check through their subsectioned brand Airfoil Media.

David has also played in the band The Breaking Lakes for the last 10 years. Through this he has become an integrated member of the Toronto music community.

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