Let Go


Quick stats about the movie

Living in a world of silks and stairs, a lone dancer grapples with gravity, risking, releasing, struggling and succumbing to this inevitable force of nature.

Let Go is the second in a series of four short dance films.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Elif Isikozlu

Director’s statement

Elif Isikozlu says:

“An unending ascent and the surrender in falling drive this film. Silk and wood are such beautiful materials, each connected to the performer’s struggle to survive in this closed world.”

About Elif Isikozlu


Elif works in theatre, contemporary dance and short film. She is currently working on a four-part short dance film series: BlueLet GoRush and II, the final film, which is in its early stages of production.

Elif’s films have screened at festivals around the world including the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition, New York’s Dance on Camera and the CFC’s Worldwide Short Film Festival.  She holds an MA in Dance Studies and an MFA in Directing (Theatre).

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