Long Branch


Quick stats about the movie

On a cold winter’s night, Lynn’s quest for a one-night stand is complicated when the guy she goes home with lives two hours away via public transit.

Creative team

Writer/director: Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart
Producer: Jordan Gross and Mike MacMillan

Filmmaker’s statement

Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart say:

“One chilly November night, while writing our first short together we got intoxicated and made out on Queen East in downtown Toronto to see if we had any sexual chemistry.

Here’s a transcript from that night:

Dane: You want to come back to my place?
Linsey: No.
Dane: Why?
Linsey: Cause you live in Mississauga.
Dane: Oh. Right. Not sexy. See you Monday… I guess?

Long Branch is the ‘what if?’ version of our story, told through far more interesting characters than ourselves. We wanted to explore a broken-hearted girl that thinks quick dirty sex will make her feel better but what this sweet guy shows her while they travel from subway to streetcar to bus to biking through a blizzard, is that love exists and not every relationship is shitty. This night gives Lynn hope. It fixes her heart. And that’s what we’re all about.

This being the first real thing we directed, we thought we’d have a battle getting anyone to trust us. But we told our friend/fearless producer, Mike MacMillan, about the idea and before there was a script he said he’d do it. Then the glorious Jordan Gross said he’d produce it too. We got a little cashish from CBC and the guys wrangled the rest of the incredible team that gave us their skills and time to help execute our little story.

We shot 12 locations over three freezing cold nights in February on various modes of transit that took us all over the outskirts of Toronto. We had an incredibly lucky snowfall, the crazy good skills and chemistry of Alex House and Jenny Raven, the beautiful photography of Daniel Grant, the rabbit ears of Sean Van Delft & Post City Sound, the magic touch of Jon Eagan’s editing and a wonderful soundtrack featuring Hot Kid, My Dad Vs Yours, Gramercy Riffs, and Pat LePoidevin.

It was truly such a great experience that we wrote the feature film version of the script because we really, really, really want to do it again. All we need is money. Oh, money.”

About the filmmakers


Dane and Linsey met during their stint in the Writer’s Lab at the Canadian Film Centre in 2008. Then they fell in love, got engaged and now they spend a lot of time together. Oh God, a lot of time together.

After years in development hell on several films and television projects, they decided to direct their first short together to see how it would go. The film was Long Branch and miraculously it won Best Short at Calgary, Best Short at the Canadian Film Festival, Best Directors at Yorkton and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. Their next short, Margo Lily premiered in Telefilm’s Not Short On Talent program at Cannes.

Individually, Linsey worked on the hit CBC series Being Erica, and Dane’s Praxis-winning script Old Stock was produced through CFC Features and is currently starting it’s festival run.

They’re currently gearing up to shoot their next film entitled I Put A Hit On You with the same fabulous team that made their last shorts watchable. When they’re not collaborating together, it’s usually time to go to sleep.

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