Love Undivided

Love Undivided short film

Quick stats about the movie

Love Undivided explores the perspectives of three people living ethically non-monogamous lives.

Creative team

Director: Clare Clovechok
Producer: Rob Oakman
Cinematographer: Kurtis Watson

Editor: Zach Steen

Filmmaker’s statement

I developed this documentary with the help of the Polyamory Toronto community. I won’t say too much else about the film, as anything I say is said much more eloquently by the three outstanding people in the film.

Working on this documentary taught me so much about storytelling and compassion. I hope this film fosters tenderness in those who see it.

About Clare Clovechok

Clare Clovechok

Clare grew up in Edmonton and moved to Toronto to attend Humber College. She just completed her third year of Humber’s bachelor of film and media production program and plans to pursue screenwriting when she graduates in spring 2020.

Clare directed her first documentary, Love Undivided, in spring 2019.

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