Man Eater

Man Eater short film

Quick stats about the movie

A narcissistic young Toronto woman hopes to meet a man who can show her the high life. After matching with an eligible bachelor on a dating app, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot but soon discovers her dream guy isn’t who he seems.

Creative team

Writer: Risa Stone
Director: Shawn Gerrard
Producers: Nicole Segal, Risa Stone, Andrew Bronfman

Filmmaker’s statement

Social media has given people the opportunity to re-imagine their own lives and the lives of others through photos, videos and rehearsed/well-thought through posts. Risa’s script has provided an opportunity to examine these projections onto those we meet through dating apps and the extent that we trust who people present themselves to be.

Our hope was to present a film that examined some of these dangers and asked how much we are willing to trust people based on what they post online.

About Shawn Gerrard

Shawn Gerrard

Shawn Gerrard is a filmmaker from Toronto and alumnus of York University’s Film Production and Screenwriting program.

Since graduating, Shawn has directed three short films about personal identity: Isaiah’s Birthday, 5PiX and My ViolaMy Viola was a socially conscious film financed by the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and National Film Board, and broadcast on television on CBC.

Shawn has just completed his first feature film, Space & Time, which explores the fragility of modern young relationships.

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