Margaret and the Dollhouse


Quick stats about the movie

Margaret Lancer wouldn’t take no for an answer. When her indulgent parents put their foot down for the first time, the clever brat must find a new way to run the household.

Power isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and Margaret’s methods threaten to shake the already unstable family.

Creative team

Writer/director: Sophie Jarvis
Writer/producer: Jon Thomas

Director’s statement

Sophie Jarvis and Jon Thomas like to talk about what would hypothetically happen when things go too far in bizarre situations.

The idea for Margaret and the Dollhouse was hatched simply from seeing the dollhouse, falling in love with it, and then building a story around it.

The visual is very important to them, Jon being a photographer and with Sophie’s interest in production design.

About Sophie Jarvis

Sophie Jarvis

Sophie has really nice parents. She also has never had a cavity. And even though dollhouses were never really her bag as a child, she did wear a petticoat with most outfits.

She collects odds and ends, and justifies them as being essential for set decoration purposes. She is inspired by pretty things, ugly things, and things that need a bit of love.

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