The Missing


Quick stats about the movie

The Missing showcases the work of Toronto artist Ilene Sova. Her haunting exhibit, The Missing Women Project, shines a light on 18 Canadian women whose lives were cast into the shadows when their mysterious disappearances went largely ignored.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Beyond the Rabbit Hole

Filmmakers’ statement

The Missing is the first short documentary produced and directed by our team, Beyond the Rabbit Hole Productions.

Using our limited budget and resources as new, emerging filmmakers, we came together to tell the story of Toronto portrait artist Ilene Sova and her exhibit The Missing Women Project.

After meeting Ilene in the spring of 2013, we knew that the story of her work needed to documented on film and shared.

Her series of large-scale, vibrant portraits feature women from Ontario who were reported missing between 1970 and 2000. Their cases were never solved and, in fact, have gone largely ignored by police and the media either because of their race or their socio-economic backgrounds.

Ilene’s collection of paintings not only shines a light on these cold cases but also monumentalizes these women’s lives, capturing their spirits and personalities on canvas. Her inspirational work tells the world that these women matter, and we should all care.

We hope that our film, The Missing, does the same thing – using beautiful images to bring much-deserved attention to these women and their individual stories.”

About the team

Beyond the Rabbit Hole Productions

Beyond the Rabbit Hole Productions is a team of four Toronto filmmakers: Ramya Jegatheesan, Althea Manasan, Ilana Pluchik and Elaine Zlotkowski.

Working together, these four women aim to tell compelling stories and explore important issues through film, photography and journalism. Their short film, Footprints, won the Naish McHugh Award for Emerging Filmmakers at the 2012 Toronto Urban Film Festival.

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