More Than Alive


Quick stats about the movie

Eight months in a northern ontario valley.

Hayden’s beautiful piano piece set to the majesty of mother nature herself.

Using low environmental impact design and solar energy, we were able to view magic as it happened.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: drechtaber fulmowitz
Photography: Jay Shuster

About drechtaber fulmowitz


drechtaber fulmowitzv was born deep in the wooded hills outside of Jasper in the rocky and rolly mountains of Alberta.

He has spent his life searching for a way to show the peace-loving world what the squirrels project on the inside of his brain.

Yes, he was briefly romantically linked to Athena, the greek goddess of war.

Yes, those really are his real ears.

None of that matters, though, because drechtaber fulmowitzv wants you to judge him only on the work he has done, the work he is doing, and the work that he wants to make for you in the future.

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