I Could Be The One


Quick stats about the movie

A regular nine-to-five day in corporate America takes a memorable turn for one woman as vivid daydreams of a vacation in Barbados prompt her to take action – perhaps a little too late.

Creative team

Writer/director: Peter Huang
Producer: Mad Ruk Entertainment
Music: Avicii vs Nicky Romero

Filmmaker’s statement

Peter Huang says:

“I hope this video helps prove that there are no rules to creative work, even if it’s commissioned by an international A-list artist.

On paper, I think a lot of people might have said that this video wouldn’t work. There’s dialogue. A non-traditional lead actress (for a dance music video). An unexpected and ambiguous ending.

Most people would have said no. Luckily for me, Avicii, Ash – his manager – and the rest of his team are pretty brave people.

In an age where most clients are wary to do something different, I hope the success of this video will slowly let people realize that audiences are always open to something different.”

About Peter Huang

Peter Huang’s directing career began with entering advertising contests, selling 30-second spots to Netflix, Dell, Clinique and Sally Hansen. Afterwards he was hired by Colony Pictures where he wrote and developed narrative projects for companies such as Sony Pictures, Cinemax, Machinima and IM Global.

Peter left Colony to get back into the director’s chair. His first music video, Cazzette’s Beam Me Up, was nominated for an MTV Clubland video pick of the year. His video for Avicii and Nicky Romero, I Could Be The One, won first prize at the 2013 Young Director Award in Cannes.

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