Quick stats about the movie

Papikatuk is a film that reveals the affects of climate change and cultural transformation in a small community in the Canadian Arctic region of Nunavik.

The somber yet eye-opening film is narrated by a young Inuit boy named Papikatuk, who lives in a world that is far different from the one that his father and grandfather speak about.

Papikatuk’s grandfather was a nomadic Inuit hunter who lived in Igloo and caribou skin tents, providing for his family with spear and rifle. His father was born in an Igloo and was introduced to the creature comforts of ‘The South’ in his later adult years.

Papikatuk watches television, uses the internet, buys candy and fast food at the store, and listens to rap music. When Papikatuk becomes a father, his child may no longer know what the word Inuit even means.

The Inuit are facing change faster than any other culture on the planet and they are being forced to learn how to adapt so they can survive what the future brings to them.

Creative team

Director/producer: Greg Hemmings
Writer: Mateo Greco
Producer: Frederica Mariani

About Greg Hemmings


Greg is a television producer based out of Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. His award winning company Hemmings House Pictures Ltd. has produced hundreds of hours of content ranging from documentaries, docu-soaps, live concert films, television commercials and music videos.

Hemmings House Pictures has received multiple awards ranging from the prestigious Royal Commonwealth Awards for the climate change film shot in the arctic Papikatuk, to the Earnst & Young Entrepreneur Awards, to multiple film festival and music award recognitions.

Hemmings House Pictures is a world class leader of engaging films that raise awareness of multiculturalism, environmentalism, and music.

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