Parkdale short film

Quick stats about the movie

A single mother helps a homeless man hideout from the police after he protects her from a vicious assault.

Creative team

Writers: Aris Athanasopoulos, Kevin Walker
Director: Aris Athanasopoulos
Producers: Aris Athanasopoulos, Kevin Walker, Michael Lazarovitch, Tamara Almeida, Ian G. Carleton, John Nicholls, George Petrovic, Patricia Blake

Filmmaker’s statement

In 1987, my parents bought a sandwich shop in west end Toronto where I sliced vegetables and made subs for the first 21 years of my life. Picture me: a shy, quiet, wide-eyed teenager standing behind a red and white countertop staring out through our shop’s giant windows – like a goldfish in a fishbowl – at the vibrant, sometimes violent, but endlessly captivating inhabitants of pre-2000s Parkdale.

David was one of my regulars. He was a visual artist, a painter, who attended art school at York University in the sixties. When he was forced to drop out of his second year because of his schizophrenia diagnosis, his family excommunicated him.

On one quiet afternoon he stood on the other side of my shop’s counter and shared all of this with me. He mentioned his treatment and how he was in and out of halfway houses in Parkdale for decades. But mostly he told me about his artwork, his gallery showings and how he satisfied his need to express himself through form and colour.

He made a lasting impression on teenage me so I co-wrote and directed this short film to pay homage to him. David, wherever you are, I am forever grateful.

Parkdale is my second short film. It’s about the importance of sharing the stories of who we are with one another, and I am thrilled to share it with you.

About Aris Athanasopoulos

Aris Athanasopoulos

Aris Athanasopoulos is a Toronto-based filmmaker.

He’s authored four short films with his company, Goodnight Porter Pictures, since 2015.

Parkdale was an official selection at Edmonton International Film Festival 2018 and a finalist for Black Maria Film Festival 2018. A.O.K was an official selection at the Canadian Film Fest in 2017 and is currently online in the archives section of the National Screen Institute’s Online Short Film Festival.

Aris is a graduate of York University’s acting conservatory.

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