Poor Billy


Quick stats about the movie

(Chapter One – Billy’s Parents) A small boy attends his parent’s funeral and hears the reading of their will.

Creative team

Writer/co-director: Christian Goutsis
Producer/co-director: Dan McManus

Director’s statement

Christian Goutsis says:

Poor Billy was written around a time of some sickness and death in my family. I thought a lot about the loss of loved ones during this particular time of my life and set out to write a simple, sad story as a way to work through what I was feeling and thinking.

I thought that a young child losing their parents was an appropriately sad place to start and, as the story developed, I found myself piling on the sad parameters for Poor Billy. Rain, gothic-like darkness, a creepy office, a disgusting lawyer, a questionable ‘keeper’ and being left nothing in the will became the backdrop for Billy’s reality.

I wrote this first chapter and then became inspired to write five more so that Billy’s story is told over six chapters, each becoming increasingly sad and dark, as we follow the little boy and his keeper as they deal with the loss of Billy’s parents.

As it was our first time working together, we decided to produce the first chapter, Billy’s Parents, as a pilot project between Six Degrees and The Queen’s Merit Collective, with myself and Dan McManus as co-directors. We were very happy with the way the characters and environment were developed visually by Queen’s Merit and how those visual elements were meshed with the terrific original music and sound effects, and how it all came together to support, and enhance Billy’s story.

We are all excited by this first chapter and by the thought of producing the rest of the chapters in the sad little life of Poor Billy.”

About Christian Goutsis


Christian is a voice director and writer at Six Degrees Music and Productions and  has been a multi-disciplinary artist for 20 years. As a theatre actor, director, playwright, composer and sound designer, Christian has worked across Canada and internationally and has garnered several awards for his work. Poor Billy marks Christian’s first foray into writing and directing animation.

About Dan McManus


Dan is the owner/voice director at Six Degrees Music and Productions. From the start of his career as a commercial photography representative to his various roles as a producer and director in the music and sound industry, Dan has always had a connection to the visual arts. Over the past 20 years he has collected credits and awards spanning commercial, interactive, film and television production in both a creative and production role. Poor Billy is an extension of Dan’s creative pursuit into storytelling through the use of animation.

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